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This is my personal chess blog. I will write here whatever pleases me. My chess club can quit complaining... Material Made Public

Easy Points (210604)
Winner Of The Defence (201201)
Check Mate Of The Year (201106)
Goodbye To Teddybear (201031)
First OTB Game In 230 Days (201028)
Nothing Else To Do (200809)
Quarantine Blitz (200710)
I Am Too Young For This Shit (200129)
Maya Deren's "At Land" (191024)
How To Fork In Sweden (191021)
Dutch Company Rapid (191002)
Internet Comeback (190910)
Eichstädt Represents Narva (190818)
3rd Place at BAT Summer (190620)
First Half Point In 2019 (190113)
38 Degrees Centigrade (181120)
Amazing Chess Joke (181030)
Berlin Team Rapid (181006)
Berlin Individual Blitz (180915)
5th Rank Rook (180803)
Endgame In France (180610)
Arndt Rapid (180525)
Chess Groupies (180329)

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