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First OTB Game In 230 Days (201028)

Today the individual championship of the Betriebsliga started in Berlin. It was my first over-the-board game in 230 days. After so long playing only blitz and rapid there was this funny feeling of watching the clock tick tock away several minutes.

The game, Kleinwächter (1644) - Segerberg (2074), can be replayed here.

I do not really play 7... Bb4+, however, when I noticed I already had the bishop in my hand, instead of the knight, 7... Nge7, the normal move, I had to do the best I could, pretend like nothing happened, and put it on the b4-square.

White is eager to continue pushing the black pieces around, but he is now giving up his good bishop, and has no way of forcing the d5-push later on. Black sooner or later gets the knight to the very nice d5-outpost.

The entire white attack comes to a halt since both 20. Rbc1 and 20. Bb4 are met with 20... Bb5 and disaster. White played 20. Rc2 but soon came under various attacks after 20... Bc6. The game did not last very long after that.

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