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Easy Points (210604)

On June 3rd 2021, Narva managed to stay in the 14th level of the Quarantäne Liga. This excellent performance was partly achieved by a number of our higher-rated opponents playing unbelievable blunders. Here are some...

Black had exchanged off many pawns in the center and two pair of light pieces, but still had some development issues. There is no good spot for the light-squared bishop, so he probably played the dark-squared first, 21... Bf6, by mistake. White swiftly ended the game with 22. Rxe8#.
Himbeermousse (2140) - hadz1956 (2214)

White, who had almost 300 more ELO points, had been trying to win for a long time. In the end, he decided that his king had to become more active, 62. Kd5. Black did not capture the b4-pawn, but was happy to swiftly end the game with 62... Rd4#.
Deathllan (2443) - Nobbie01 (2185)

Black had most likely spotted a pawn win by exchanging the bishops and attacking the pawn with Nd5. However, he forgot which move to play first, and played 9... Nd5 first. White did not feel like loosing a pawn and swiftly grabbed the queen instead, 10. Bxd8.
Shirosewich (2179) - PCorleone (2296)

However, if your opponent is lower-rated, they do not blunder like that and you will need a real combination. Black could simply play 20... Bf6 and keep the game level, but after 20... Qf7 21. Be3 Qf6 22. c3, the bishop was eventually picked up with 25. Qxa1.
hama48 (2029) - JuergenHaeuser (1849)

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