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Endgame In France (180610)

Istratescu - Feller 1-0, France 2018 (Top 12 Teams)

There was an astounding endgame played in the French Top-12 this year. It also happened to be the deciding game between Clichy and Grasse. From the position below, Istratescu (2589) cleared a path forward for his king by 61. Ra6 Kc7 62. Ra4 c3 63. Ra6 Kb7 64. Re6 Kc7 65. Kc2 Kd7 66. Rh6 Kc7...

Then the king advanced, while the rook took care of pawn Business, 67. Kd3 Kd7 68. Rh2 Kc6 69. Kc4, diagram below, at this point Feller (2574) can still hold a draw with 69... Kc7 70. Kd5 Kb6 71. Kc4 Kc7. If White does not repeat, the black king will slip past and Black might even win the game.

However, one unfortunate move, 69... Kb6, allowed White to get his rook to the c6-square... 70. Rh6+ Kc7 71. Kd5 Kb7 72. Rc6 Ka7, and now it turned out that there is a very beautiful Zugzwang at the end, 73. Kc4 Kb8 74. Kb4 Kb7 75. Kb5 Ka7 76. Kc4 Kb8 77. Kd5 Kb7 78. Kd6 Kb8 79. Ke7 Ka7 80. Ke8 Ka8 81. Rc7 Kb8 82. Kd7 Ka8 83. Kc8 1-0

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