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Eichstädt Represents Narva (190818)

At this year's Lichtenberger Sommer, Narva is represented by Torsten Eichstädt. After a loss in the first round, he drew against Glienke (1751) today.

When I arrived his position looked excellent, Houdini says that his advantage is +3, however, he was a bit short of time, having only ten minutes for fifteen moves.

On another topic, if your opponent has below ELO 2000, grab the last pawn if he has only a bishop and a knight. On board 58, Kopischke (1861) did not manage to mate Gebhardt (1664), after eliminating the last three pawns. Congratulations to Gebhardt for running into the not-bishop-colour-corner, after a short visit to the a4-square (wrong direction).

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