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3rd Place at BAT Summer (190620)

After scoring 4/7 and landing on 9th place last week in the first BAT summer rapid tournament, I managed to improve with 5/7 and third place this week. However, I had to use quite some tricks to get there.

Against Zeidler (1796) who was in more time trouble than I, 43. Qh4+ Kg6 44. b6 induced the necessary amount of stress, so that he touched his g-pawn, and lost his queen.

In the final round, Hoffmann (1812) just pushed his e-pawn and allowed the black knight to become active. 37. Rd3 Qxd3 38. Qxb2 Nxf4 means Black has a nice position. Now White went for 39. Be4 in order to dislodge the queen.

39... Qxe4+ was lovely, since the knight on the f4-square reestablishes the last rank mate motive. White resigned and I got a bottle of rosé wine as a reward.

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