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I Am Too Young For This Shit (200129)

Today I went to the Open Berlin Senior Individual Championship, that I am not allowed to play because I am not old enough. It's always nice to tell people, who are asking why I am not playing, that they are much older than I am.

Now, there was an interesting endgame, Black had 7-4 pawns in a QRRN endgame, but White had an active queen and reduced it to 3-2 pawns in a QN endgame. I was rooting for Black, Krüger, since it is a (former) colleague of mine, playing against Zaeske (2045).

However, he noticed the "wrong" combination first, and went for 45... Nd5+ 46. Ke5 Nxe3 leaving the question open if White has a draw by repetition or not. The correct combination, where you can save yourself one hour of headache, is 45... Qd6+ 46. Kg5 Qf6+ and White, although not mated, will lose the queen. The fact that mate seems to be around the corner disturbs the view for a material kill.

After almost escaping through a repetition of multiple checks, White eventually came to a standstill. Black, for sure, did not calculate this far before going 45... Nd5+. White did his best, 56. Qh6+ Qg7+ 57. Qxg7+ Kxg7 58. Kd4 Nd5 (quickly found...) 59. a5 e3 60. Kd3 f4 61. a6 Nb4+ 62. Ke2 Nxa6 63. g3 Nb4 64. gxf4 Nd5 and White had to resign.

The game can be replayed here.

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