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5th Rank Rook (180803)

Jones - Adams, 0-1, England 2018 (105th British Championship)

Before going to the Chemie Blitz on this Friday evening, I was watching a little bit the 105th British Championship, and noticed how Gawain Jones was moving his rook around many times, unable to find a good place for it on the 5th rank.

In the end, he settled for 34. c4 bxc3 35. Rc5 Rxb6 36. Rxc3 and lost the game after two more hours or so.

Segerberg - Kunz, 1-0, Berlin 2018 (Chemie Blitz)

After a half-hour-ride on the tram into the north, I finally located the current playing venue of Chemie Weissensee, a house in the middle of the forest, due to improvement work on their main housing.

Nevertheless, I was not too lost to implement the Adams's idea in one of my games. After getting rid of the queens, 34. Qd8+ Qxd8 35. Rxd8+ Kh7, I simply trapped the rook that had ventured too far into the ranks, 36. Bc5 b6 37. a4, and the quality is lost.

In the end, this helped me to my best blitz performance at the Chemie Blitz tournament since I started playing there in 2012.

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