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Check Mate Of The Year (201106)

The highlight comes first. This is my check mate of the year. No discussion whatsoever.

In the Quarantäne-Liga 9B on October 18th, this beautiful final position occured. I had been planning to win with the a-pawn, when suddenly I was given the opportunity to transfer my knight to the kingside. A subtle return of the white bishop from the c2- to the d1-square, and there it is.
Himbeermousse (2111) - Leggo38 (1963)

Second example. In the SG BAT Schnellschach on October 13th, White has miscalculated the number of squares his king needs to survive. It was possible to avoid mate, but then the double rook endgame looked really boring for White.
Jake Ajedrez (1542) - Himbeermousse (1587)

Third example. The mate is not so spectular in itself. In the Quarantäne-Liga 11A on November 5th, however, the lower rated opponent was pestering me the entire time with check mates of his own. He had given up a piece, but I had difficulties disentangling and defending against his attack simultaneously. In the end, White is also about to mate.
Devran92 (1532) - Himbeermousse (2050)

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