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Winner Of The Defence (201201)

Tonight I won the SG BAT SSGP-33. After two early victories that were not so terribly difficult, I ran into serious problems the rest of the evening.

For twenty moves or so I had to defend my pinned d-pawn, in the end I did lose one pawn, but by then we were in a queen endgame, and the nice thing about having a pawn less in a queen endgame, is that you can use your king indiscriminately. After 34... Qe5+ 35. Kd1 c3 36. Qe2, Black simply contemplated too long and lost on time.
Himbeermousse (1598) - J Feikes (1577)

Again, one pawn down early on, I struggled with the position and somewhat too much vodka. After offering a draw three times, yes, this evening I was offering a lot of draws, my opponent cracked, and played 40. Qc2. Now, I simply took the pawn, 40... Rxc4, invaded the second rank, and mated on the g2-square.
Jake Ajedrez (1604) - Himbeermousse (1611)

In the final game, I was even down a quality, constantly proposing counterplay on the queenside. I had already offered a draw three times when my opponent missed that the h8-square was covered and, sort of, sacrificed on the c7-pawn. Then he offered a draw three times before I noticed and accepted. A draw won me the tournament, and I was much too inebriated to find the win.
August Hohn (1276) - Himbeermousse (1602)

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