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Arndt Rapid (180525)

Segerberg - Arndt 1/2-1/2, Berlin 2018 (Chemie Schnell)

Friday May 25th 2018, I survived a lost engame. Starting from the position below, Black advanced the g-pawn all the way to the g4-square.

1. Bxb2 Qxb2 2. Rxh4 Kf5 3. Rh1 g5 4. Rd1 g4, however, as the f-pawn tags along and is exchanged... 5. Rd4 Kg5 6. Rf4 f5 7. Rd4 Qb7+ 8. Kg1 Qc6 9. Rd1 f4 10. exf4+ Kxf4 11. Rd3, the result is a draw according to the Nalimov tablebases.

Instead, Black should have left the g-pawn on the g5-square and advanced the f-pawn for an early exchange. 4... Ke5 5. Rd4 f5 6. Rd1 f4 7. exf4+ gxf4 8. Rd3, this position is simply won since the white rook has no stable resting points...

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