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Nothing Else To Do (200809)

Quarantine Blitz is the new chess. There is nothing else to do. This time the time format was 5+0 and as usual I started off completely wrong, but came back strong. Maybe I should warm up with 3-5 games the hour before. I really do not care.

The game was not going my way at this point, so I decided to let faith decide it, 61... Rf3. Meanwhile, White had determined that both pawns were needed, so he advanced the king, and lost.
Clonazepam (1973) - Himbeermousse (2088)

Unfortunately, my early "on fire" period was shut down by myself due to incredibly stupid play. Instead of taking a moment and defend with 28. c5, I pushed on the attack, and by the time h6 was played, I suddenly had problems on the other side.
Himbeermousse (2097) - Zutphania98 (2077)

In my final game of the day there was an interesting choice of going for a Q vs RR endgame. Of course, White theatens 26. Ne5 with a rook cut-off. Since the white rooks are not doing much on the queenside I went for it, 25... Re2+, and won quickly since White did not defend very well. This also put me above 2100 for the first time.
Luchoff92 (2044) - Himbeermousse (2098)

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