Doll Project II
- drop dead gorgeous since 2000
Doll Project II,
some more diapositives fashion from 2000...

Doll Project I

Doll Project II

Here is a second round of fashion photos. Unfortunately, this clothing store was not quite as active, so there is less diversity. Although they did occasionally leave their dolls on display without clothes.

Jessica White 2000 Segerberg

Jessica Style 2000 Segerberg

Jessica has a boyfriend. We can call him Jeremy. He prefers to stay in the background. He does not have much to say.

Jessica Alpha 2000 Segerberg

Jessica Black 2000 Segerberg

Jessica Nude 2000 Segerberg

Jessica has a best friend as well. Her name is Johanna. She likes fashion just as much as Jessica.

Johanna Friends 2000 Segerberg

Johanna Pink 2000 Segerberg

Johanna Black 2000 Segerberg

Johanna American 2000 Segerberg

Johanna Nude 2000 Segerberg

Berlin - good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Berlin...